Trying To Get To You

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Deeper Shade Of Soul Podcast: Soul Surviving

It's January - the dead of winter. As I write this, it's 17 degrees in New York. The holidays are in the rear view mirror, and there are a lot of folks facing some tough times. A lot of my friends and loved ones are going through, for a variety of reasons and circumstances personal, professional and economic, some of the most challenging times they've ever faced - and you can count me in as one of those people.

So this podcast, Soul Surviving, is designed to help get you through whatever you're going through and to come out inspired and better for the experience. On it, we have Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, Dusty Springfield, Television, Flaming Lips, Aretha Franklin and many more. Enjoy!

Download: Soul Surviving

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Incomparable Willie Mitchell

Willie Mitchell died yesterday. If you don't know who Willie Mitchell was, put on an Al Green record from 1971-1976. It was Willie Mitchell, as much as Al Green, who was responsible for the sound of those epochal, miraculous records, and for the sound of Memphis soul in the 1970's, post-Stax.

As a trumpeter, bandleader, producer and eventually, a co-owner of Hi Records, Mitchell had few, if any peers. Like another great Memphis producer, Sam Phillips, Mitchell was a true original whose biggest demand of the artists he worked with were that they be no one other than their most authentic selves. Such producers and music people are a rare commodity, but the best of them leave a mark on the world that can scarcely be measured.

If you want to know the impact that Willie Mitchell had, close your eyes and imagine a world without "Tired Of Being Alone," "I Can't Stand The Rain," "Call Me," "You Ought To Be With Me," "Let's Stay Together," "Take Me To The River," "Trying To Live My Life Without You," "Back For A Taste Of Your Love" and a few dozen others. The world is a better place for him being in it. That's a life.