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Friday, November 10, 2006

Mushy Magic Numbers

There’s a story I once read that when Smokey Robinson first met Berry Gordy, Smokey showed him over 100 songs that he had written. Berry liked one of them and told him the rest were “mush.” Smokey was kind of pissed, but he went home, tightened it up, and then showed up with “Got A Job,” which Berry released and was his first semi-hit (albeit not on Motown) and the beginning of a wondrous partnership. Smokey learned quickly that just because he had written something, it didn't mean that it was any good.

I can’t help but recall that story while listening to the Magic Numbers self-produced new album, Those The Brakes. It’s a lovely sounding record; warmly recorded with very pretty sounding Beach Boys inspired harmonies – but I keep finding the songs frustratingly mediocre. It’s as though they think that sounding pretty is enough in and of itself.

The harmonies between lead singer (and producer) Roman Stodart and his sister Michelle (bass) are great, though. Next time, they need someone in the producer chair who’ll let them know when they’re making magic, and when they're making “mush.”

Download: "Boy"

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