Trying To Get To You

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Soulful Brooklyn Street Fair

My first street fair in Brooklyn. It ran up 5th Avenue in Park Slope. A far superior street fair to anything I've been to in Manhattan. It was one of those "it's wonderful to be alive" days.

Left: The view from 5th Avenue walking north.

Right: The Domincan food was out of control.

Above: Cute kid on a pony.
Right: Lounging in the middle of 5th Ave.
Below: Real Live Show with Maurice Brown on trumpet. They were great - perfect vibe for the day.


SuperDee said...

wow, i feel like i was right there with you. oh wait...

Anonymous said...

your 1st? Really?

can't believe you never made it out to Bklyn before this.

Ben Lazar said...

No one ever told me how great the street fairs were in the BK. Of course, it's entirely possible that someone did, and I just didn't listen.

Anonymous said...

wait until Atlantic antic. late in the summer. in a word: awesome.