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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bootleg Friday: Jimmy Cliff, 1978

I’ve always loved the sound of Jimmy Cliff’s voice. It has always struck me as one of the most dignified and stately voices in popular music – a voice determined to persevere through life’s indignities to find freedom. I first discovered him (in name only) because Springsteen covered his little known song, “Trapped,” in the early 80’s (it’s one of Bruce’s best covers). Then in college, like many suburban middle class white kids from the 70’s on, I discovered the classic soundtrack to The Harder They Come, with classics like “You Can Get It (If You Really Want It),” “Many Rivers To Cross” and “The Harder They Come,” which I believe to be one of the greatest albums of all time.

So today’s episode of Bootleg Friday is a very inspiring Jimmy Cliff show from Park West in Chicago on November 11, 1978. Also check out the YouTube video – it’s Cliff singing “The Harder They Come” live in the studio (the version that came out had slightly different lyrics). It’s one of the most passionate and moving performances I’ve ever seen.

Download: "Wanted Man" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL
Download: "Lonely Streets" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL
Download: "Johnny Too Bad" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL
Download: "Stand Up And Fight Back" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL
Download: "Meeting in Afrika" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL
Download: "Sitting In Limbo" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL
Download: "The Harder They Come" 11/11/78, Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

Great Roots concert, thanks!

Anonymous said...

"The Harder They Come" soundtrack is tremendous!! Check out some of the Mango records stuff from that same era.