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Monday, January 07, 2008

Strange Dreams: Me And The Beatles

I've been sick with a pretty bad cold the past few days. It's not fun, but the silver lining is that when I'm sick, I have very strange dreams which I almost always remember. (When I'm well, I almost never remember my dreams.)

Anyway, last night I dreamed I was in the Beatles. I was the piano player, which is kind of weird, because I don't even play piano. The setting was 1961. I was in the audience at the Cavern Club (the band was still in the black leather period) and after one of their sets, I went up to John Lennon and told him that they needed a piano player who could "play like Jerry Lee Lewis," and that I was the guy for the gig. I forget exactly what he said, but the next thing I know, I'm playing "High School Confidential" with the Beatles. (In the dream, Ringo was already drumming for them, even though he didn't join until August, 1962. But hey - who cares? It's a dream.) Anyway, John loved it, George and Ringo were pretty psyched as well, and Paul was pretty cool to the whole idea. But I got in. As dreams go, it was a pretty excellent one.

That's all I remember. Maybe tonight I'll dream that auditioned to be the drummer in the E Street Band in 1974 and that I beat Max Weinberg for the gig.


Anonymous said...

Not that long ago, I dreamt I was a backing singer for Mari Wilson and the Wilsations - they may not have made much impact on your side of the Atlantic but they had a few hits over here in the UK in the early 80s. I remember it was a fun gig, but I was terrified of my solo 'cos I knew I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!

Anonymous said...

Be thankful it was the Beatles. You could just as easily have been in an Orlando dance studio auditioning for the Backstreet Boys! Or a roadie for Third Eye Blind.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a recurring dream that The Edge was chasing me, wearing his Joshua Tree era hat and swinging a Stratocaster like a baseball bat. The dream was always in this grainy black and white, running through alleys and dark corridors, like we were in an Anton Corbjin video. I've graduated, though: now I dream Mary Chapin-Carpenter is chasing me...wearing The Edge's hat!

Java John said...

my dad, 70, recently told me that he was at a beach boys concert in a club, and got called up from the crowd to sing along.
then he woke up!

funny thing is, he can't sign...and does not like the beach boys!

Anonymous said...

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