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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Available And Looking For Gigs

If there are two things I’ve always had a difficult time with, it’s self-promotion and asking for help. In the context of asking other people for assistance, I’ve always tried to do things on my own, without anyone’s help – which of course, is totally absurd. Given that I am now working for myself and am committed to creating a successful business, I’m giving that up.

(Ironically, this being a soul music blog – I can’t think of one great soul artist who was shy about his abilities or was afraid to ask for something.)

So I’m here to announce that I am available and looking for consulting opportunities in the following areas:

Bio Writing: I have written over 100 bios in the past 18 months for both independent and major label acts. Check this page out for more info:

A&R & Production: I can promise you that in working with me, you will reach a new level of authenticity in your musical expression, which will translate into more powerful music, far greater confidence and more fans. Basically, I’ll cut through the bullshit and pull your best out of you. You can draw upon my experience of over a decade at major labels in tandem with the last two years of learning the new music media space to create a winning combination of old school music values with new school marketing and technology.

Business Consulting: If you’re involved in a music venture, I can make a difference for you. I can navigate the ins and outs of building a team, planning an event creating a digital marketing and PR plan and many other things.

Reissues: If you’re a label involved in reissues, my encyclopedic knowledge of rock and soul will ensure you’re creating the best package from both an A&R and marketing context, finding the best balance between telling the story of a band and giving the people what they want.

DJ’ing: I am a great DJ – I can bring a perfect mix of soul, jazz, blues and rock to your club, party, or wedding. (And if this money’s good, I’ll even do Bar Mitzvahs!) I have over 15,000 CDs to choose from.

I am currently working with the following companies:

Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR – Bio writer and Sales. I am their bio writer and have written bios for every genre of music. I have also brought Cyber PR (a digital music PR firm) to the major labels and they have been hired to work on several campaigns as a result of my work.

Tipping Point Partners – I am currently arranging a series of showcases where I am introducing up-and-coming artists to music supervisors at advertising agencies.

If you would like to talk about a project I can be reached at
Blazar70 AT GMAIL [dot] COM

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Eve Siegel said...

Hey Ben
excellent idea to include all your skills. i know you from the biz and did not realize all these things you do. will keep you in mind.