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Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Uber Long Island Moment

So yesterday, I'm in a car, driving home from the beach. We're on the Southern State Parkway in Long Island and then the traffic starts getting nasty, so we get off the highway and start driving towards the city on Jericho Turnpike. I'm looking at the surroundings - checking out the Long Islandness of it all, thinking of how closely is resembles Routes 4 and 17 in Northern New Jersey - when all of a sudden, a red Mazda pulls up next to us. Inside the car is a woman in her 50's, blonde and a little heavy, but I tell that at one time she was probably beautiful, and if she wasn't beautiful, she was definitely sexy. She's blaring Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are," and singing along with every note so loudly that I can only hear her voice, and not Billy's. Like me, the occupants of my car just sort of gape at the magnificence of the moment. The light changes, and the Mazda zooms off, and all I can say in the moment is, "Awesome."


Randy said...

Ben - was this woman Chrisy Brinkley?

Fusion 45 said...

I've been away from Long Island 5 years and 8 days...and it's all come back to me in a wave of false eyelashes and nasal accents.

Freelance said...

First time visitor to your blog--- great stuff!

PatronMM said...

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