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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bootleg Friday (On A Monday): Randy Newman, 1972

America gets really weird during presidential elections. So I can’t think of anyone better to restart Bootleg Friday (on a Monday) then one of the greatest chroniclers of American contradiction and irony, Randy Newman.

This performance hails from Paul’s Mall in Boston show in 1972, supporting his epochal Sail Away album. His gift here is in full flower, as well as his incredible sense of humor. Equally influenced by Stephen Foster, George Gershwin and Fats Domino, Newman’s incisive, literary and moving songs have been recorded by artists as varied as the O’Jays, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, the Everly Brothers, and yes, Pat Boone. This is Newman as his career was on an upward arc – when it seemed as though commercial success was in his grasp. That would happen five years later, with the almost accidental hit, “Short People,” a joke that caused an uproar.

Newman has had huge success as a songwriter for films, scoring dozens of movies, including several Pixar films. He's currently touring behind his new album, Harps and Angels.

Download: "Lover's Prayer" 8/24/72, Boston, MA
Download: "Lucinda" 8/24/72, Boston, MA
Download: "You Can Leave Your Hat On" 8/24/72, Boston, MA
Download: "Last Night I Had A Dream" 8/24/72, Boston, MA
Download: "Ballad Of Pat O'Reilly/Sail Away" 8/24/72, Boston, MA
Download: "Lonely At The Top" 8/24/72, Boston, MA
Download: "Love Story (You and Me)" 8/24/72, Boston, MA

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up on these tracks? This is the bootleg that got away... can't find it anywhere.