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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

E Street Radio Appearance: 11/27

Here is a link to my appearance with John Franck on E Street Radio this past Friday. We played several unreleased Springsteen songs that we think should be on Tracks 2.


E Street Radio Guest DJ: Ben Lazar & John Franck


Beat Maker said...

Thanks for the track.
Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Great show! I had not heard that version of Blood Brothers, and really enjoyed it!

At the start of the last tour, I recall reading and agreeing with your "proposed set list" for the tour. Bruce didn't listen to you, and the tour ended up being close to the "Greatest Hits" tour that no one ever thought he'd play. But as the tour unfolded, I found myself enjoying the whole thing. What are your thoughts post-tour?


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I love John Franck.

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