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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

E Street Radio Broadcast: Springsteen In The 1990's

Last week, Sirius/XM's E Street Radio broadcast another roundtable discussion that I participated in. This time, the topic was Bruce Springsteen in the 1990's, a decade that many fans, myself included, view with varying degrees of ambivalence. I hesitate to say that it was a "lost" decade, as Springsteen wrote and released some wonderful music, but looking back, it's clear that things didn't work with the same consistency as they had in the 1970's and 80's. And as a new generation of great rock bands emerged in the early part of the decade, Springsteen's place in the rock world was somewhat upended and newly up for grabs.

My co-panelists for the discussion were Flynn McLean and Jonathan Pont of Backstreets Magazine, and John Franck, the only man in the world I know who can speak expertly about both Springsteen and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. We had a lot of fun, and I think it comes out in the broadcast. And we are not shy with the criticism.

Download and enjoy.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


Tom N said...

I just happened to be in Asbury Park today, during the freak heatwave, and listening to "E Street Radio" and caught this highly informative and entertaining program. I heard the name of a club mentioned and was wondering if the Stone Pony still exists?

Unknown said...

Hey Ben,

Thanks so very much for posting this. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the discussion.

I find this stage in Springsteen's career to be very compelling for exactly the same reasons.Yes, his confusion, his clarity at times, his complete misses, a coupla hits and then working it all out/through to American Skin. To finally be able to breathe and say "ok, I think we're all back on the same ride now". It all creates an amazing portrait of how to maintain and confront a shift in an artist's life and work.

As a fan, and only having access to official material until '99 (except for the Passaic and The Roxy shows from 78), the 90's were such a freakin' mixed bag/roller coaster. Thanks for the overview and the memories, especially accidentally catching the Blood Bros. Doc with "Back In Your Arms". A WTF Jawdropper!

If you can share any other Community Discussions on your site in the future I'd greatly appreciate it.

Kindest regards
Glen Gaston

Anonymous said...


Cove said...

This was a fascinating discussion. I have the same mixed feelings about Bruce's work during those years, but there certainly were some great moments. You guys made the very good point that Bruce's work during that decade enabled many of the great things that came later -- the reunion tour, the D&D tour, and maybe even the Seeger Sessions work. Great job!

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