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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apes And Androids

Last Wednesday night I went to see Apes and Androids at the Shindig party in Tribeca. The band happens to be co-fronted by the younger brother of one of my closest friends from high school, and since he was in town from L.A. and the band was playing, we went down to check it.

Apes and Androids have been getting a lot of lovin' from indie rock blogs in NYC. So I went in not expecting much - and I was very pleasantly surprised how good they've gotten. Their energy is great - the crowd of hipsters was dancing and letting loose with a complete lack of self-consciousness (which I can tell you is very unusual for a crowd of hipsters). And they play great - it's not the usual indie wank. They've gotten a great drummer and the grooves were propulsive and danceable, with enough syncopation to keep it from being too white. It's very 80's centric music (big surprise), with a lot of songs that seem to be about futurism, but they add a lot of strange and humorous twists that keep the music from descending into a pretentious mess.

Suprisingly, the band is without a deal right now, but that should change soon. They're one of those bands whose weirdness might help them.

Apes and Androids on MySpace

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Unknown said...

That's cool that they didn't descend into a pretentious mess (like your blog post).