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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Trying Really Hard

I've had the new Arcade Fire album for about a month now, and I've listened to it more during that time period than any other album in my collection. I wish that meant that I love it, but it doesn't. What it meant was me saying to myself, "Ok, I'm really going to sit down and get into this album," putting it on, and then having barely any of it resonate with me.

What the hell does everyone hear in this thing that I don't? I like it, but c'mon. I admire the band's integrity and the fact that they're doing it their way, but some great songs would be really nice - so many of the melodies seem half-realized, and there isn't much interesting happening rhythmically. (I am really enjoying the last song on the record, "My Body Is A Cage.")

And if someone compares it to Springsteen one more time...

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Anonymous said...

Been feeling the same thing about this album too.....1 more Springsteen reference and i'm gonna get sick.