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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Indie Soul

We’ve had the Pixies revival (don’t get me started), so now I’m lobbying for a revival for the most soulful (and messy) American indie band of the 80’s, the Replacements. I hadn't listened to them in a long time, but I awoke this morning with them on the brain, and once I put them on the stereo, I was reminded of my deep love for the band. The trio of Let It Be (1984), Tim (1985) and Pleased To Meet Me (1987) are about as good as anyone did in the 80’s – if you don't have them, buy them now. "Unsatisfied" and "Answering Machine" are about as soulful as it gets - just transmuted through punk. (And had they concentrated more on the soul, and concerned themselves less with the punk ethos, they might not have self-destructed the way they did.)

Download: "Unsatisfied"
Download: "Answering Machine"
Download: "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" (Live in Detroit, 11/12/87)
Download: "Gimme Shelter" (Live in Detroit)
Download: "Little Mascara" (Live in Detroit)
Download: "Can't Hardly Wait"

Buy the Replacements at Amazon


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Love the blog. I found it via ickmusic.

All these nice - and deserved - comments from thoughtful readers and no love for your Replacements post? Why am I not surprised?

I recently got reacquainted with the band as well, so I second your call for a revival.

I am not a fanatic Mats fan, but the albums you cite and Sign of the Times got me through law school of all things. I'm both very eager and somewhat afraid to hear Paul and the boys take a crack at one of my favorite Prince tunes.

Looking back, it's unfortunate but pretty obvious why the Mats - who had melodies, lyrics and, I agree, tons of soul, as well as a sound steeped in FM radio of the 1970s - never had their flavor of the month moment, while REM - who also had gobs of talent but a more oblique sound - did.

I appreciate the post and, as I said, the entire blog has been tremendous. I'm looking forward to hearing the 1975 Tower show as well.


Ben Lazar said...

Pete -

I took the files down a little while back (I keep them up for about a week or so). Send me your email and I'll send you the tracks.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I'll email your gmail account.


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