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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sound Of The City, 2007

After falling in love with the songs he produced on Amy Winehouse’s album, I’ve been looking forward to Mark Ronson’s new album, Version. It doesn’t disappoint. Featuring re-arranged covers of songs varying from Coldplay (“God Put A Smile On Your Face) to Britney Spears (“Toxic”), Ronson does a brilliant job of creating a modern soul (while still infused with hip-hop) context for the songs, providing a sleek and sexy urban vibe while remaining substantive in feel. This is dance music that you can sink your teeth into. Ronson’s real skill is making these highly stylized versions sound organic, even while he’s using every technological trick in the book. It’s New York City meets London soul circa 2007. Find it and buy it.

Download: "Stop Me" (featuring Daniel Merriweather)
Buy it at Amazon U.K.

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