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Monday, July 09, 2007

Bootleg Friday On A Monday: Wilson Pickett

As promised on Friday, here is the "makeup" session of Bootleg Friday. It's a great Wilson Pickett show from Stockholm, Sweden in February of 1969. It's a very good way to start the week.

Download: "Introduction"
Download: "634-5789"
Download: "Hey Jude"
Download: "I'm In Love"
Download: "Funky Broadway"
Download: "Sweet Soul Music"


Anonymous said...

Great set from the late, great Mr. Pickett. His multi-CD set A Man & a Half has some great tracks on it.

I just found your site last week and love it. We need to expose today's youth to good soul music. Most think that these "artists" today are coming up w/ these great loops when its actually from a great old soul song (I love to dissect music and see who is being sampled and why they chose it).

Finally, I haven't gone far enough back to see if you've looked at him, but check out Alvin Robinson - Something You Got.

jeffro said...

Very cool! I like hearing him dig into "Hey Jude." Though it makes my voice tired just thinking about trying it!

Private Beach said...

The Introduction is giving a "File Not Found" message.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks.

Ben Lazar said...

arkitekt - thanks for the comments. They're appreciated.

Private Beach said...

Hi Ben,

Still can't download the Introduction. Could you please check out the file? Thanks!

Ben Lazar said...

Private Beach,

I'm working on it, but for whatever reason, it's not copying properly. Very weird. I will continue to work on it, but it may be until tomorrow that it's fixed, as I'm pretty crazed today.