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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bobby Womack Appreciation Day

There’s something about the sound of Bobby Womack’s voice that I’ve always loved. It’s that mix of gritty and romantic, earthy and ethereal, the same mix that the best soul singers have always had. Womack has never won the acclaim of an Al Green or an Otis Redding (which, truth be told, is understandable, given that he never released an album as epochal as Call Me or Otis Blue), but if there’s an artist who has been everywhere that soul music has been, it’s been Womack.

I wrote about Womack last year, and listening to him today, I can't help but ask; What's more beautiful than the sound of Bobby Womack singing?

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Download: "Across 110th Street"
Download: "Woman's Gotta Have It"
Download: "Everybody's Talkin'"
Download: "If You Don't Want My Love"
Download: "It's All Over Now"

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