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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dylan Likes "The Cowboy Song"

I'm stealing this from the letters section of The Lefsetz Letter, but it's too priceless not to share.

From Lonn Friend:

I was sitting with Richie Sambora in San Marcos Square that day and a half we spent in Venice in '01. Drinking pinot grigio, my video rolling, pigeons mulling. He tells me a story about the night Bon Jovi was doing some benefit somewhere maybe Tokyo and Dylan is on the bill. In fact, he's backstage, drifting about the halls, no doubt halting each and individual he passes dead in their tracks (please see the retrospective at Skirball ASAP it's breathtaking). I'll try and paraphrase in Sambora voice. "So anyway, man, he just appears. Fucking Bob Dylan. And Jon and I are standing there, talking or whatever, and as he's passing, Dylan stops, looks at us and says, "I like the Cowboy song." ("Wanted Dead Or Alive")

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Anonymous said...

I like Arlo Guthrie's "Cowboy Song". And I'm not Bob Dylan.