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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

iPod To Go

A friend just sent me this photo from the Minneapolis airport. iPods, digital cameras, Bose headphones; it's all there in a vending machine. The perfect impulse buy. Labels would be smart to sell download cards pre-loaded with artists.


dj empirical said...

i hop there's something to cushion the 4 foot fall from the top row!

Steven J said...

Nothing livens up a long plan ride like an empty ipod that needs to be charged!

Ann said...

Do you see new iPod accessories? Looks smth like that IA024 VIDEO LEATHER SOFT POUCH CASE. I have just bought new iPod. Tried Melodycan ( free trial version to convert Napster music. Very fast conversion. 16 files at one time conversion!!!

silverman said...

iPods go beyond others. Creative, Zune, or Sandisk Sansa can’t compete. Yes, they are doing their best to upgrade and improve the technology. They changed a lot, I have to admit and their players are much better (both the look and sound). But still they have much less features than ipods Look here at Sandisk products they are lagging behind.

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