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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Triple Shot Of Soul

As I alluded to in another post a couple of weeks back, I've been drowning in music lately. Whether listening to new releases, demos or or older stuff (like the 15 disc Chess Records box set that I got over the weekend), it's been "too much music, too little time." I've been listening to the new Breeders album (disappointing), the new R.E.M. (pretty good), Erykah Badu (occasionally excellent and often pretentious), the Kills (completely shallow and I like it more than I thought I would), Portishead (has done nothing for me so far) and the Black Keys (loving the vibe) amongst others. And then I listen to the Count Basie box set I bought last month, and then it makes all the new stuff I've heard feel faintly insignificant.

So now that we have that out of the way...let's get to some soul.

Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm - "Gettin Nasty" (1969)

Lost in the myth of Ike Turner, wife-beater, is the fact that he was one of the most influential R&B artists, producers and talent scouts. His 1969 album A Black Man's Soul, is perhaps the greatest showcase for the range of the man's talent. "Gettin' Nasty" is exactly as advertised; a nasty piece of countrified funk that sounds like the Stones based most of Exile on Main Street on it.

Shirley Brown - "Stay With Me"

Shirley Brown's 1974 classic, Woman to Woman, singlehandedly kept Stax afloat as they headed toward their very sad ending in the mid-70's. "Stay With Me" is a epic ballad of pure pleading that showcases that very special voice that, unfortunately, caught a little too much of Aretha's shadow.

Download Woman to Woman at the Amazon MP3 store

Candi Staton - "He Called Me Baby"

From Candi's sessions at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals in the late 60's, "He Called Me Baby" is another of Candi's unheralded classics that for some inexplicable reason, didn't find the audience they should have. Put this on late at night. And buy her self-titled compilation that Capitol released four years ago. I guarantee this album.


Michael Verity said...

As I mentioned in a previous comment, I'm hooked on Ruthie Foster so I'm going to 'barge in' on your post and hype her again. I just bought "The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster". Exquisite! Would love to read your thoughts...

Eve Siegel said...

love all the mp3s, thank you! have you ever blogged about Doris Troy? She wrote "Just One Look" and was on Apple Records (produced by G. Harrison). The music "Mama I Want To Sing" is about her life.