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Thursday, October 02, 2008

More R.I.A.A. Fun

I just received this email from my file hosting site:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: RIAA Antipiracy
Date: Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 12:49 PM
Subject: Unauthorized Sound Recordings
To: copyright@


October 1, 2008

RE: http://www./show/blazar70/104LetItFall.mp3

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am contacting you on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (RIAA) and its member record companies. The RIAA is a trade association whose member companies create, manufacture and distribute approximately ninety (90) percent of all legitimate sound recordings sold in the United States. Under penalty of perjury, we submit that the RIAA is authorized to act on behalf of its member companies in matters involving the infringement of their sound recordings, including enforcing their copyrights and common law rights on the Internet.

We believe your service is hosting the above-referenced file on its network. This file offers a sound recording for download by the artist known as Lykke Li. We have a good faith belief that the above-described activity is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. We assert that the information in this notification is accurate, based upon the data available to us.

We are asking for your immediate assistance in stopping this unauthorized activity. Specifically, we request that you remove the infringing file from the system, or that you disable access to the infringing file, and that you inform the site operator of the illegality of his or her conduct.

You should understand that this letter constitutes notice to you that this site operator may be liable for the infringing activity occurring on your service. In addition, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, if you ignore this notice, you and/or your company may also be liable for any resulting infringement. This letter does not constitute a waiver of any right to recover damages incurred by virtue of any such unauthorized activities, and such rights as well as claims for other relief are expressly retained.

You may contact me at RIAA, 1025 F Street N.W., 10th Floor, Washington, D.C., 20004, Tel. (202) 775-0101, or e-mail, to discuss this notice. We await your response. Kind regards.


Traci Crippen

Online Anti-Piracy

Now, no one from the R.I.A.A. contacted me to find out the situation with this. They just took it on "good faith" that I did not have permission to use the track. That is not so. I did have permission from Atlantic. I don't post downloads from new artists without permission. (If you see my Raphael Saadiq post from last week, I use an Imeem link.) But there was no communication to me from anyone at the R.I.A.A. before they contacted my hosting services. This could have been cleared up quite easily.

I just emailed Traci Crippen and left a message for her. I will update you all with a response.


heather said...

same thing has happened to me twice and it suuuuucks - I also abhor how they just assume that you don't have the rights to something, with no previous contact. They clearly do not know how to manage the growing legitimacy of mp3 blogs.

Anonymous said...

I think Atlantic is one of several labels who worked out a deal for the RIAA to go after any unauthorized use of their (the artist's?) product. It's undoubtedly the label being slack in the way they notify others of 'authorization'. Or they just want the shit out there and middleman/end user be damned. Sounds more like it...if a consortium of labels had purchased Napster 10-12 years ago, all this would be moot and all those lawyers would be working for Wall St. lobbyists.