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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Taken Down By The DMCA

I just got this lovely piece of email:

Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog infringes upon the copyrights of others. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.
The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at We do this in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Please note that it may take Chilling Effects up to several weeks to post the notice online at the link provided.
The DMCA is a United States copyright law that provides guidelines for online service provider liability in case of copyright infringement. We are in the process of removing from our servers the links that allegedly infringe upon the copyrights of others. If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. See for more information about the DMCA, and see for the process that Blogger requires in order to make a DMCA complaint.
Blogger can reinstate these posts upon receipt of a counter notification pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and 3) of the DMCA. For more information about the requirements of a counter notification and a link to a sample counter notification, see
Please note that repeated violations to our Terms of Service may result in further remedial action taken against your Blogger account. If you have legal questions about this notification, you should retain your own legal counsel. If you have any other questions about this notification, please let us know.
The Blogger Team
Affected URLs:
What's so is that I got permission from Atlantic Records to post a track from Lykke Li. The post was taken down without anyone contacting me or asking me about why or how I posted it. Very lame.


Anonymous said...

Here's the funny thing. I'm a music supervisor. I put music into films, television and commercials. Your posting of the Lykke Li track brought her to my attention. If I end up licensing a Lykke Li track it will be because of your blog. The music industry is killing the music industry.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jim Dunbar is CORRECT!

Anonymous said...

if i say "fuck them", will by comment be deleted according to the DMCA? Fuck them!

Unknown said...

I would have to agree with jim. I think that in many ways the RIAA and the DMCA go too far. It's not like you are putting something up with a big bright sign stating ....STEAL THIS! It surely wouldn't kill sales either. The industry should take promotion at that as a good thing....keep up with your great spirit.

Cris - from Consumed By Music and Media