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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Candi Staton - "He Called Me Baby"

I'm testing a new file hosting service. Enjoy. This song is sublime.

Download: "He Called Me Baby"


Lucas Hare said...

At some time in the last year, I discovered this song and it has become one of my absolute favourites. Utter perfection.

Unknown said...

I picked up on this track from One Eskimo's version which they call Kandi.
It's getting a lot of air play in the UK at the moment. I think Staton's is the moodier and best.

Darryl said...

Doesn't One Eskimo just sample her version directly? I mean heck, the guitar part is exactly the same, just on an acoustic.

Check it:

Original from 1970 (don't know what's up with that 2007 copyright):

One Eskimo's Kandi:

Unknown said...

Song's going viral with a Lefsetz push. Hope Candi stanton gets a bump out of this.