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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Arcade Fire Live In Portland

The reviews I’ve read on the Arcade Fire’s current tour have been so incredibly glowing that I have to admit, I’m really curious to see them again and I have been listening to their music anew. I saw them once in late 2004 in New York and liked them, but apparently, they’ve taken their performances to new heights. I’ve recently read some things from hardcore music fans I know that are talking about the Arcade Fire’s show as though it’s one of a handful of the best shows they’ve ever seen. And these people aren’t indie rockers – they’re people who have been going to shows for over 20 to 30 years.

So in that spirit, here are some tracks from the Arcade Fire’s May 27th performance in Portland, OR. The sound is very listenable, if not perfect, but you do get the vibe of the show, the happy delirium of the crowd, the kinetic energy of their performance and the great intro tape they’ve got going. I’m still not ready to proclaim them the second coming, but I’m getting a lot more open to what they’re bringing to the table. Is it possible that this is one band that is worthy of all the hype? I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears, but at least next time, I'll be coming in a little less skeptical and cynical.

And maybe the real question is this: Does the Arcade Fire have soul? Signs are increasingly pointing to yes.

Download: “Intro” 5/27/07, Portland, OR
Download: “Keep The Car Running” 5/27/07, Portland, OR
Download: “No Cars Go” 5/27/07, Portland, OR
Download: “Black Mirror” 5/27/07, Portland, OR
Download: “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” 5/27/07, Portland, OR
Download: “Wake Up” 5/27/07, Portland, OR


Anonymous said...

Sorry, NO soul here. Can you say OVERRATED?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the files are gone...?

Anonymous said...

AH, just read the description of how it works. Thanks.