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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So Good You Could Cry

I found this yesterday. Derek and the Dominos doing Chuck Willis' "It's Too Late" (from Layla) on the Johnny Cash show in either 1970 or 1971. As far as I'm concerned, Derek and the Dominos were Clapton's greatest moment by far; it is when Clapton's music became blues AND soul based, and you can hear that soul in Eric's vocal and even more so in the incredible backing vocals by Bobby Whitlock.

And if that's not enough, out comes a bad ass Carl Perkins to do "Matchbox" with Clapton AND Johnny Cash. It's difficult to believe that this all happened on a network TV show. Seeing the utter joy and freedom in their playing, and knowing that each of the three men fought off their demons before, during and after this was taped - well, I find it pretty goddamned moving.

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Anonymous said...

never seen this. thanks. Must be Clapton in the air recently, I've been having this same conversation about Clapton vs Derek & the Dominoes. Couldn't agree more.

BTW - Gordon & Radle = one of the best rhythm sections of their day.