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Friday, June 08, 2007

Bootleg Friday: Otis Redding, 1967

I am announcing a new segment on A Deeper Shade Of Soul: Bootleg Friday, where I will be posting several songs from a great live bootleg. I've been putting up a bunch of live music already (and will continue to do so whenever it is called for), but I like the idea of having a special day for it.

Today's selection are taken from the great Otis Redding bootleg compilation A Soupcon of Soul, recorded at various points in 1967. With all the hubbub about the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper, what is being ignored is that 1967 was the year that Otis Redding broke through to a new (and white) audience. His performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in June of '67 stole the show, and he was taking his music into new directions that would culminate into his final and greatest single, "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay," recorded a couple of days before he was killed in a plane crash in December of 1967. It would be his only #1 single.

Download: "Your One & Only Man"
Download: "Pain In My Heart"
Download: "These Arms Of Mine"
Download: "I Can't Turn You Loose"
Download: "A Hard Day's Night"
Download: "My Girl"
Download: "Shake"
Download: "Try A Little Tenderness"


Go Nicole Yourself said...

Yo B. Nice way to start off Bootleg Fridays. If you allow me, I'm going to burn these for my dad. He loves him some Otis.

Private Beach said...

The link to the first track gives a "File Not Found".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. You are quickly becoming my favorite person. I could listen to These Arms of Mine for the rest of my life and need little else. Thank you!

ManYagnar said...

howdy folx
Got the soupcon of soul in the mail. At first i was exstatic about the good quality of the songs recorded in Alabama. BUT then i recognized the bassdrum pedal squiking and the horns who missed on hard days night, isnt that the same you can hear on the live albums from whiskey gogo?

The following tracks (6-12) is all taken from ReadySteadyGo performances, and songs from 14-20 is as stated correctly from Konserthuset in Sweden. But the sound quality is much better on the record released by FlyingPigs (swedish record label).
So theres really nothing new on soupcon of soul.

Anonymous said...

I have spent a long time researching this bootleg. The dates commonly circulated with it are incorrect. This is what I have found to be accurate:

Tracks 1-5 are from the Whisky A Go Go shows recorded April 8-10, 1966. They appear on the officially released "Good To Me" with different track editing.

Tracks 6-12 are from Otis' appearance on Ready Steady Go! September 16, 1966. "Shake" and "Land of 1000 Dances" feature Eric Burdon (of the Animals) and Chris Farlowe singing with Otis.

Track 13 is from the Oslo, Norway concert recorded April 7, 1967. It is the same performance that can be seen on the DVDs "Remembering Otis" and "Stax/Volt Revue: Live In Norway."

Tracks 14-20 may very well be from Stockholm, Sweden (I can't verify this). However, if they are, they are from April 6, 1967 and not June 4, 1967. The Stax/Volt Revue was in Europe from mid-March to early April 1967. Additionally, Otis was in Stockholm on April 6, 1967 as verified by the DVD "Dreams To Remember." The dates were likely misinterpreted when they were written as 4/6/67 or 6/4/67 as these can both refer to April 6 depending on which side of the pond you are from.

I've been trying to spread this correct information for this release so it stops circulating with the incorrect information.