Trying To Get To You

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A GREAT band

Jesus...the Faces were just unbelievable.

First, a colossal version of the Temptations "I'm Losing You."

Then an incredible version of their one hit, "Stay With Me." Notice the incredible groove the band had.

If Kenney Jones was known just for the Faces, and not his unfortunate time in the Who, he might be better recognized for being such a great drummer.

Of other note. The weirdish looking guy dancing in the wings - that's Brian Eno.


Anonymous said...

too bad about Kenny's stint in the Who!! I love these 2 clips and have watched them before a few times. the entire band was "on". sure i bet they had their bad nights, but i'm sure those were heads and shoulders above every other band out there. Say what you will about Rod, but he can sing the phone book and i would listen to it. All of them are GREAT musicians w/an inherent sense of playing together.

Ben Lazar said...

It's definitely that "inherent sense of playing together," as you write, that is perhaps the most striking thing about these clips. These guys were a band in the best sense of the word, playing off of each other and displaying an incredible camaraderie which was present in the music.

Anonymous said...

...........that's why all us teens in '71 '72 loved 'em...the sloppy buggers rocked AND rolled...