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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Fool For You"

Sometimes great artists are predominately known for just a handful of songs - and those songs get so overplayed that the true depth of that artist's catalog is lost. Such is the case with Curtis Mayfield, who as far as the larger world is concerned, created approximately five songs throughout his long and incredible career - "People Get Ready," "Keep On Pushing," "Superfly," "Freddie's Dead" and "Pusherman." The latter three especially have been done to death, sampled repeatedly on a myriad of hip-hop tracks and played to death in practically every metro bar in the United States. It is a true shame, for Curtis Mayfield was one of soul's unquestionable greats, with a catalog that is a treasure of American music.

"Fool For You" is my favorite Curtis Mayfield song. It's one of those songs that as far as I'm concerned, is perfect - and the descending horn lines that serve as the song's bridge are one of soul's great unheralded moments. If Curtis had only done this song, he'd still merit every claim of greatness sent his way. If you don't have his any of his catalog - get it now.

Download: "Fool For You"
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Anonymous said...

have a look here:

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard Branford Marsalis and the Impressions' version of this song from the 1994 Curtis Mayfield tribute album? Great arrangement and production by Branford (got me thinking he should start producing r&b records) and the Impressions still sounded great.

Ben Lazar said...

I haven't heard the Branford version...thanks for the tip...I'll have to check that out.