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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm Glad Steve Jobs Agrees With Me

This appeared on Apple's homepage today. Basically, it's Steve Jobs saying that DRM (Digital Rights Management) is useless, as 90% of music (physical CD's) comes with no DRM. Somewhere, Mitch Bainwol (the head of the R.I.A.A.) is banging his head against a wall.


greg said...

This statement, while i agree with it wholeheartedly, is self-serving. He's going to say at the end of 2007 "see what a visionary i was". He's never said this before, but by doing it now, when the tide is already shifting towards non-DRM in the industry, means little or nothing coming from him.

He's worried about iPod sales more than DRM.

Ben Lazar said...

I'm more concerned with the consequences of Jobs's declaration than I am with the reasons behind it. I believe that getting rid of DRM is a win for everyone. Now if they can offer something more than just a 128k aac file...

greg said...

DRM has nothing to do with the audio quality of a file. it has everything to do with it's interoperability on different platforms.

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