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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy NIght (Or: God Loves R&B Night)

11:25: The Dixie Chicks win Album Of The Year. It was their night. I thought it was a good record, not a great one. But it's nice to see them have the last laugh after what they went through - I wonder what the reaction will be in Nashville.

11:14: Al Gore at the Grammy's. The man who's wife started the P.M.R.C. But that's ancient history, I guess.

11:11: I've never been a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' music, but I just like them. And the "Love To Ornette Coleman" banner on Flea's amp is very, very sweet. But, if they're the best band in the world (to quote Chris Rock) then it's no wonder rock was barely present at the show tonight.

11:03: Bruce Springsteen won for Traditional Folk Album. Excellent.

10:58: Dixie Chicks win Record of the Year. Gnarls should have taken it.

10:54: Robin Troup, the girl who won the "My Grammy Moment" is pretty damned good. She's a natural. Great smile, great presence. Strong version of "My Love" with T.I. I have to admit, that song has really grown on me.

10:50: Prince took out his own ad thanking everyone for the Super Bowl. Awesome.

10:43: Please let this be the last time "You're Beautiful" is ever played on any TV show.

10:41: Uh, are there any worthwhile rock bands that can play this thing (other than ones that are reuniting after 20+ years)?

10:33: Really nice tribute to James Brown. A couple of minutes of "Night Train" from the T.A.M.I. show and then Bobby Byrd donned a cape on the mic. Very cool and very tasteful. No words were necessary. In keeping with the theme of the night, the small piece on Ahmet had him saying that the only music that truly travels the world is American black music.

10:26: A 15 year old female violinist just gave a 20 second performance that was my favorite thing so far tonight.

10:21: Friend says: "Britney is home eating ice cream saying, 'Fuck!'"

10:17: Christina Aguiliera is doing James Brown's "It's A Man's World." It's glossy and she's doing a little too much oversouling. Big singing, but the feeling is missing. Despite all that, she pulled it off.

10:13: Christina Ricci looks hot. She and Samuel Jackson are introducing "three generations of soul men." Here comes Smokey. The voice is great...but the face is frozen. Smokey, legends like you just don't need that much botox. Hello Lionel "Dad of the Year" Richie. You sound good, but since when were you a soul artist? And now it's Chris Brown - cool dance routine to start. Someone said he's the next Usher - but the consensus here is that he's a hell of a lot more likeable than Usher. Excellent performance.

10:00: Ornette Coleman just got presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award - and then Carrie Underwood walked right behind him. Oooof. There's something surreal about Carrie Underwood standing next to Ornette Coleman.

9:59: Friend says, "This is boring me to fucking death."

9:58: It's official, I think I hate Rascal Flatts more than Bon Jovi. The lead singer is perhaps the least sexy front guy I've ever seen.

9:56: Carrie Underwood's cover of "Desparado" isn't bad.

9:53: Someone just said that Rascal Flatts is the country version of Bon Jovi. She says, "They sell a ton of records, but you can't find anyone who says they like them. You walk into a bar, and this is who's playing."

9:52: Rascal Flatts is doing a completely unoriginal cover of "Hotel California." Oy.

9:48: Here's the country section. Nice to see Bob Wills get honored. Introducing a tribute to Don Henley, Reba McIntryre just said that the Eagles combined country, rock and soul. What??? Soul??? The Eagles never had a thing to do with soul.

9:40: More Dixie Chicks awards. It's their's and Mary J's night.

9:38: What I realize that I don't like about Mary J. Blige is that she takes herself WAY too seriously. No sense of humor. That's what gets in the way of her being truly soulful, despite having the chops and the charisma. She's way too solopsistic, but when she gets to churchin' it's hard to deny her. Huge note at the end.

9:22: Who are these 2 unknown actresses introducing the Grateful Dead??? It's the absolute disrespect that the show displays to legendary music that makes me want to hurl a fucking brick through the TV. That goes right into a weird martial version of "Crazy" with no groove, an orchestral backing and a choir. Just play it straight boys...the song is great and now they're just making it weird. Cee-Lo does have a great voice though.

9:09: Song Of The Year goes to the Dixie Chicks. I'm glad for them.

9:07: Watching all the very "nice" perforances is making me crave a really nasty and mean punk band.

9:05: Shakira is fucking hot.

8:57: John Mayer wins Best Pop Album. My friends in the room watching with me are saying, "Yeah, he's the perfect artist for the Grammy's. Nice and safe."

8:50: Stevie Wonder introuduces a three song medley with Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer. Nice performance, but it's all so goddamned polite! I'm digging John Legend's performance of "Coming Home." It's the first time his voice has gotten to me, there's something stately about him that works. Wow...I must be sick, because I'm actually enjoying John Mayer's performance...some nice guitar playing as well.

8:39: Pink is introducing the Doors for their Lifetime Achievent Award. Then Mary J. wins another award. Nice line about you have to be in the valley to know about the peak.

8:33: Here comes Justin. There's something really generic about his voice. His performance is fine, but there's just something missing. It's a decent remake of "Cry Me A River."

8:26: Oh Lord. They've got three unsigned artists, and America has to call in to decide who's the best one. The Grammy's meet American Idol. And just think, there's some artist who got bumped from receiving their award on camera for this. Lame.

8:23: Mary J. Blige just won Best R&B Album. Here come the waterworks. She's a fine artist, but her speech is way too over the top. What a list of names. Here comes the're done Mary. Wrap it up. Please. Now.

8:22: Booker T. and The MG's just won a Lifetime Achievement Award. They should have stopped the show to applaud them for at least five minutes. I bet at least 50% of the audicnce has no idea who they are.

8:21: Ok, Beyonce is gorgeous and she can "sing." But I find her voice completely unmoving.

8:18: Prince comes out to introduce Beyonce. Does he age at all?

8:13: Joan Baez looks great. Good idea to for her to introduce the Dixie Chicks. Natalie Maines looks great and the Dixie Chicks sound great - with the power that comes from having been right all along.

8:08: Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett won for Best Pop Collaboration - Tony Bennett actually thanked Target.

8:03pm: I wasn't really looking forward to seeing the Police - but after watching a great version of "Roxanne," I'm psyched to see them this summer. (I think some of the background vocals were canned.)


Anonymous said...

I liked Gnarl's rearrangement of "Crazy." I like the fact that they're doing they're own thing unapologetically and not afraid to actually be crazy..Different from all the "nice," "safe" performances you were complaining about, right? Besides, hasn't everyone heard the original arrangement a million times by now?

Anonymous said...

Dude, I agree that Christina tends to oversing, but tonight she was fire. Not who I would have thought of for the JB tribute, but she was great.

Ben Lazar said...

You might be right about Christina. It's leaving a good aftertaste.

Anonymous said...

Re: 10:33 - Wasn't that Danny Ray with the cape? Or maybe you have a larger TV screen than I do :-)

Anonymous said...

Re: Record of the Year - not only should Gnarls have taken this, but they should have taken Song of the Year, as well, for which they weren't even nominated (again, I like Mary, but that song is no song of the year - but I would have liked the single more had it been released with the arrangement she performed tonight - at least it made it kind of interesting).

Ben Lazar said...

You're probably right about it being Danny Ray.

HippieGirl said...

If this is about the Grammys, did you watch the 2011 Grammys from this year? Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones was there, for a Lifetime Achievement in Music Award. It was hard to tell what he was singing and I later found out what it was he sang. It was Everybody Needs Somebody to Love by Solomon Burke. Mick got that award and so did Aretha Franklin.

Man, Mick Jagger has aged VERY well